Next Phase


So the “Game Introduction” post is mostly me babbling about the game, and showing a sample of what I’ve done so far.  Here’s my plan for right now:

I’m always tweaking the models, and any given render will be out of date in a few days, but my main focus right now is the business plan, finding a way to distribute the game, and acclimating new members to the dev team.  I have several options right now as far as how to publish the game, but I haven’t run the numbers yet.  Whatever it comes out to, don’t expect the game to be very expensive.

Thanks to everyone on Reddit who participated in the survey!  😀  I was expecting 10-15 people to respond, and already I’m at 172.  The game is very early in development, but my tests have been good, and I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to do everything I have planned.  I’ve done game projects before, so I know to be careful with biting off more than I can handle, and I made sure that the core gameplay was something do-able.  Some of the non-vital parts of the game will be very challenging to make, but the game would still be complete without them.


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