8-27-12 Update


Hey everyone!  Just wanted to post another update because it’s been a week.  Last week the first week of school for me, so I didn’t make as much progress as usual, but I’ve been working on game mechanics, area maps, and some of the ice cave graphics.  For the graphics, I’m tackling the “storyline” images first, as they’re significantly harder.  So this will be another picture such as the “Sea Monster Lake” one.

For the game mechanics, I want to immerse the player in the colonist’s desperate situation as much as possible.  Instead of using Mana or Energy, I’m going to use Warmth.  Magic attacks will be the most powerful, but they will suck the most warmth from characters.  If you’re inside a heated building (a rare circumstance), you can use magic attacks and weapon abilities as much as you want, but outside, you must conserve heat.

It adds a connection between the gameplay and the story, and another layer of strategy to the game.  Expect abandoned buildings that provide limited warmth, campfires and portable heaters that warm a small area, and backup magic spells that don’t do as much damage as the heavy-hitting spells, but conserve warmth or draw it from targets.

I love the idea of the magic users being the most powerful, but also the most fragile.  Usually games accomplish this by making them physically weak, but I’d like to do it by making it so that without careful planning, you could end up with a shivering magician who’s lost all firepower.


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