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9-26-12 Update


Hey everyone!  Here’s another update on what I’ve been doing: I’m working on the combat system right now.  It’s not very difficult, but it is time-consuming.  It’s nice to see things coming together, but I’ll be glad once this part is over 😛 As far as artwork goes, I have a new scene that will […]

Here’s a machine pistol for the game.  If you click it, it zooms in.  Go on, click it 😀

9-5-12 Update


Hey again!  Here’s my weekly update.  Last week was craaaaaazy, but I made a lot of progress on the game, and also found out that I can do 2 weeks worth of homework in one night.  It wasn’t fun, but I got it done 😛 Here’s a summary of this week’s progress: * Pre-order planned… […]