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10-24 Update


So, as usual, I’ve been making progress, but there are so many things to do. The mech works (with a few quirks), and has been killing me pretty effectively with its explosive rounds. I also made a monster that can do damage with its tusks, and by spitting acid, which of course, also explodes. 😛 […]



So I’m working on a robot, and this is what I have so far.  It’s a little more difficult now, because I’m trying to optimize it for Unity, so I can’t do the level of detail I’m used to, and the textures are done completely differently.  It loads into Unity in several parts, so that […]

Scripting week


It’s scripting week!  😀  Since I have a (reasonably) light week as far as school and work go, I decided to really focus on making progress with the programming and game design.  I’m making a few changes to the overall gameplay…  I’ll update you on that when I’ve finished, because I’m still kinda figuring it […]

Here’s the 1st draft of one of the bugs.  It’s probably not going to be an enemy or anything – just a part of the ecosystem.  There’s going to be two breeds, and this is actually the less hairy one.  Click to zoom in and see all the glorious buggy detail 😀 I also made […]