Jacket seams, and a bug


Here’s the 1st draft of one of the bugs.  It’s probably not going to be an enemy or anything – just a part of the ecosystem.  There’s going to be two breeds, and this is actually the less hairy one.  Click to zoom in and see all the glorious buggy detail 😀

I also made some seams for the jacket, and added wrinkles to the jacket and pants.  Still a lot to do though – every time I get ready to work on the other characters, I notice something that needs to be fixed with this one, lol.  For instance, I think her face is too “forward”, if that makes any sense.  She’s supposed to have a fairly narrow face, but that’s different than having it poke forward.  I think this is why she looks so great from that one specific angle (see the gallery tab), but not so much at other angles.  Or maybe I’m just using too small of a focal length on the camera.

Oh, and the combat system is going pretty well.  I’m a bit spread thin right now – jumping back and forth between artwork, programming, writing, design meetings, my job, and homework.  But I’ve got a good start on it.


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