Scripting week


It’s scripting week!  😀  Since I have a (reasonably) light week as far as school and work go, I decided to really focus on making progress with the programming and game design.  I’m making a few changes to the overall gameplay…  I’ll update you on that when I’ve finished, because I’m still kinda figuring it out.  The basic idea is that I’m trying to include both action and strategy.

So far, the things that are working really well are the terrain and particles.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I could make a decent-looking terrain in 5 minutes, and snow, explosions, and blood effects in ~1 hour.  Saves me a lot of time for the more difficult scripts.

One thing I’ve been working on has been the magic powers.  Before, they were really cool, but only lent themselves to a particular style of play.  Now, magic users can choose between an assortment of spells designed for heavy hitting, crowd control, squad buffs, and also an entire category called “Wraith” that gives them a temporary edge on combat. It’s mostly designed to give them more ways to move and misdirect enemies.

I also thought I would share some of the music I’ve been listening to while working on the game:

Silent Hill 2 – True

Xtortion Audio – Untouchable

Atrium – Alive

FFDP – Canto 34


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