10-24 Update


So, as usual, I’ve been making progress, but there are so many things to do. The mech works (with a few quirks), and has been killing me pretty effectively with its explosive rounds.

I also made a monster that can do damage with its tusks, and by spitting acid, which of course, also explodes. 😛 And the best part is, it has only 1700 triangles. That should let me drop a few dozen into the game at one time without much problem.

As usual, I’ve been jumping back and forth between all the aspects of the game, and I’ve started working on a scripting language for the dialogue. I’m making my own custom script format for it.

Here’s the process:
#1. The writers make a script for a conversation, according to the rules I outline
#2. I parse the script, converting it from the nice readable format into a horrible computer format
#3. The game loads that, and uses a special logic system to navigate the conversation

The scripts can pull data stored in the game (so NPC’s can say different things based on your actions, and how far you’ve progressed), and can also modify that data. For the most part, the data modified will be the “favor” of each NPC and party member. Given the amount of dialogue in the game, having a system like this will help enormously.


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