Upcoming graphics update, and thoughts on an endless play mode


I sit before my computer, optimizing code, and making a more streamlined process for setting up the missions.  After this is done, I’ll start work on the graphics.  The prototype textures and UV maps have been frustrating me.  It’s always a risk working on graphics before the 3D models are complete, because if you make major changes, you often lose all your “painting” work, but I’ll try to stick to the models that I’m most happy with.

The alpha testing went pretty well.  Not all testers have gotten the game yet, but I’m planning a more polished version in 2 weeks anyways.  That’s the one I really need opinions on.


I’m toying around with some ideas for an endless play mode that unlocks after completing the story.  The idea is to provide a way for people who really like the combat to continue playing.  Right now what I’m considering is making it a “play until you die” thing where you are in command of a small colony.  It will be divided up into “turns”, where each turn consists of a mission, and however long you want to wander the colony and talk to people or upgrade your weapons.

Each turn gives you a list of mission choices.  Sometimes there’s a food convoy coming and they need protection from monsters.  Sometimes your research facility is under attack.  If you ignore one of these too long, you lose research/food for a set number of turns.  Depending on how you manage your resources, you can upgrade certain parts of the colony, unlock new guns, and possibly even build things.  Don’t expect anything too complex for this – my main focus is the story campaign, but simple things that affect the gameplay can go a long way toward making this mode interesting.

Every once in a while, you’ll have a massive monster attack, and you’ll have to defend the colony.  It’ll be sort of a test of your abilities, and of how well you’ve managed the colony.

Just some ideas.  I’m hoping to come up with something that I can make in a week or so (given that I’ll already have a full combat system made for the story campaign).


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