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I’m not sure if I wrote about the shield enemy on this blog yet.  He’s been around for a while, but he recently got new animation, and a slightly better model and texture.  He’s definitely not done yet, but this is the direction I’m going with for him. He’s sort of the “tank” of the […]

I decided to take one of the old enemies that was pretty weak, and make it a lot more dangerous.  It’s always had a great charge attack that does lots of damage, but now, with a spell shield, it can actually reach the player without being mowed down.  It also has a heal spell that […]

Here’s a preview of some of the gameplay.  Enjoy!  😀 It took forever for me to get this working, but I finally have in-game hair!  I’m so happy 😀  Also, pretty lights. The hair has transparency, so it looks (sort of) like individual strands, and I have two different layers of it.  The first layer […]

I’m working on hair!  But for now, please enjoy the adventures of our bald protagonist 😛

12-3-12 Update


I know all my recent updates have been just programming updates, but here’s another one!  😛  Unity 4.0 came out, and I just updated to it today.  So far, I am liking it a lot. I think the biggest improvement is the new animation system.  I have yet to dive into it, but it looks […]