Gameplay Video #2 – Grenades, Spell Shields, and More!


I decided to take one of the old enemies that was pretty weak, and make it a lot more dangerous.  It’s always had a great charge attack that does lots of damage, but now, with a spell shield, it can actually reach the player without being mowed down.  It also has a heal spell that it tries to use when other monsters are around who can distract the player.

I also added a lot to the tactical AI.  The low-level monsters can choose to either go ranged, melee, or support.  They make this decision based on how close they are to the player, and on the current composition of their team.  So you usually end up being shot at, charged, and having to deal with monsters that stay back and cast spells that add buffs to nearby monsters.

For now, it’s hard to tell if a monster has a buff, but I’ll add a graphical representation of it soon.


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