A sniper rifle, and an enemy with a shield


I’m not sure if I wrote about the shield enemy on this blog yet.  He’s been around for a while, but he recently got new animation, and a slightly better model and texture.  He’s definitely not done yet, but this is the direction I’m going with for him.


He’s sort of the “tank” of the monsters right now.  He continually advances, firing “magic snowballs” (for lack of a better term!), and using his shield if he takes too much damage at one time.  He has both a melee and a charge attack for close quarters.


Also, as you can see, I made the blood a LOT better.  It used to be green blobs, and now it’s splatters.


In other news, I made a sniper rifle, and a new assault rifle.  You can watch me model the rifle in a sped-up video here 😀


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