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Here’s a video showing Gary in action, as well as some of my updates to the human animation: And some screenshots: Advertisements

Gary the Golem


I was testing out the collision detection for Gary the Golem’s ice spear, and using green lines to represent the raytraces.  Upon pausing the game, I got this great screenshot 😀 I’ve been working on the game for the entire day, and it’s all worth it now 😀

Update 3-9-13


Hey everyone!  Here’s some more pictures of the generator room I’m working on.  Including “Androgynous Bob”, who has recently requested a drastic armor fix in the chest area.  

The room is slowly getting better and better 😀  The lighting is a bit inconsistent because I didn’t lightmap everything. Don’t mind the glowing pipes – they have a temporary material.



I spent a while today figuring out how to fake bevels on objects (ie. making these flat vents look like they’re slightly rounded), and also found a new way of adding grime to things. I also (finally) updated the female character’s hair!  😀  I really need to write a custom shader for hair, but until […]

Well, it’s still got a ways to go, but we’re getting there.  This shader uses fake SSS (subsurface scattering), which it applies differently for each color channel (so the skin has a reddish glow when it’s lit by SSS instead of direct light), and a bunch of other effects as well. The rest of the […]