Hey all!

We have tons of updates to the combat.  It’s a lot more responsive and dynamic now.

One of the biggest improvements has been the poise system.  When you get hit too many times (or once by a powerful attack), your poise is broken and you stagger in any of 4 directions, depending on the direction of the hit.  You can be knocked to the ground as well, if you take a downward hit or are too close to an explosion.

It adds a lot to the stakes.  I’ve frequently gone from 100% health to dead in a few seconds due to being staggered in a crowd of enemies because they don’t wait for you to get up.  Players with heavy armor won’t have to worry about this as much, as they are harder to stagger.

Here are some videos to show the improved fight with Gary, and some of the other recent features.

Also, here are some extra screenshots 😀

testscreen-04_12_2013 _ 05_26_12

testscreen-04_12_2013 _ 05_27_43

testscreen-04_12_2013 _ 05_29_00

testscreen-04_12_2013 _ 05_35_19

promo 1920 clean


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