Character Creation, new Magic System, lots of other stuff


Hey everyone,

We’ve had a lot of changes recently.

We had a design meeting, and decided to focus on the core parts of the game. These are essentially the boss battles, the levels that lie before the boss battles, and time spent in dialogue and upgrading equipment. The most important of these are the boss battles, which really tie the game together.

We wrote out all the planned bosses and organized them by the types of levels they were in. We also listed the regular enemies and mini–bosses that will be in those levels.

Our plan is to complete an alpha version of the entire game by the end of May. This going to be a lot that’s missing, but as long as it is playable, and the main mechanics are implemented, will have a good place to start from when we start filling in details and polishing.

So anyways, here are some pictures that show our new magic system!

testscreen-05_20_2013 _ 02_29_39

Yes, that is an electric sword on her back:

testscreen-05_20_2013 _ 02_30_39

Armed with an acid spell:

testscreen-05_20_2013 _ 02_31_03

Shooting fireballs:

testscreen-05_20_2013 _ 02_31_45

This is what happens when you play with fire spells:

testscreen-05_20_2013 _ 02_35_54

A mental spell exploding at close range:

testscreen-05_20_2013 _ 02_36_48

We’ve changed our magic system so that you use the hotkeys to “equip” a spell, and then you get the corresponding effect on your arms, and can fire the spell by clicking the mouse.  We’re making it so that you can get different actions out of the spell depending on which mouse button you press, and whether you’re dodging.  The idea is to make each spell complex and interesting, and make it so using them is more dynamic than just pressing hotkeys.

Another thing we’ve improved on recently has been the party member AI, and the monster AI. Party member combat AI has been updated so that they can handle both regular enemies and boss battles. They can now:

  • Find a fire extinguisher and use it to pull out fires
  • Switch weapons depending on the range, and the type of enemy they’re dealing with
  • Find tactical positions to minimize danger (danger levels are affected by monster positions, and incoming magic spells)
  • Do combat rolls when the danger level is great enough (they test to find the safest place to dodge to)
  • Kick enemies when they are close enough
  • Heal themselves, taking into account the urgency of healing themselves, as well as their current danger level

We made a simple arena and set it so that the NPCs can be assigned to different teams. So, we can pit them against each other, and even see if a pack of Wastelings can take down different bosses.

Anyways, I’ll try to write more later, but that’s it for now!


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