Ice Caves!


Hey everyone!

So after doing so much work on gameplay mechanics and boss battles, we finally spent some time on the environments.

We added some effects in GIMP to simulate the post-processing effects we’ll have with Unity Pro.  We made sure to only use effects we know Unity Pro can do.  Here’s what we used:

  • Bloom
  • Color curves
  • Anti-aliasing


The original, unedited screenshot is below.  As you can see, color curves help a LOT with getting the scene to feel vibrant:

testscreen-05_24_2013 _ 03_10_33

And here’s the start of the level, where you begin at an abandoned cargo station.  We’re still making props for it:


And here’s a graphical explanation of some of the stuff we’re doing:


I was hoping to be able to show a video of our new magic system, but it’s not quite ready.  The magic spells are set up to do different things depending on what you’re doing.  So basically, each spell now represents a set of variations you can use if you have the skill to pull them off.  It’s inspired by the melee system in Dark Souls, which had a ton of different moves you could do.

Example:  Fireball Spell:

  • LMB = non-guided fireball
  • Hold RMB = guided fireball, player can’t move while guiding it
  • LMB while rolling = fires 2 less-damaging fireballs, changes roll animation
  • RMB while rolling = explosion at player position that pushes enemies away (good for escaping crowds)
  • RMB while backstepping = light the ground on fire as you pass over it, hurting enemies who follow you

Kicking also depends on what you’re doing – doing a backstep and pressing the “kick” button quickly makes you do a turning back-kick.  However, while this looks cool, you’re fighting monsters, so in most situations it’s better to just shoot them.  Kicking is more of a “finishing weak enemies off” or “creating some distance” thing.

The guns are getting a similar treatment, but less so.  Each gun will have an alternate fire available only to classes that specialize in them, and use upgrade points to buy them.


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