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Dragon artwork!


We made this by taking a screenshot in-game, and editing it in Photoshop and GIMP afterwards.  We’re preparing for a few other shots like this – it takes a while, but hopefully we’ll have some dramatic shots to help promote the game with. Also… trailer coming soon!!  😀 Advertisements

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to make mountains, and cover them with snow.  This isn’t really a survival game, but I’d like to have the option to either do some levels while there’s a blizzard, or camp out and have a night battle + the regular level with calm weather. Caves to warm up […]

Hey everyone! Everyone’s favorite ice golem, Gary, has finally gotten his own cavern!  Complete with glowing crystals, moving airflow, and a pit of death, this is sure to be the grave of many adventurers.  I just made it this afternoon, so there’s not much visual polish, but I’m happy with it so far. Also, he […]

We spent some time updating our ice shaders, and adding more lights and crystals to the cave.  It doesn’t look perfect, but ice is kinda hard to get right.

We spent some time updating the character clothing; adding wrinkles, improving the shaders, and making the models better.  I also went through the procedural animation and made it look more natural.  In addition to tweaking values, I added limits to how much bones can rotate, and added some code to make certain start fast, and […]