Better character art, animation, and LAAAASERS


We spent some time updating the character clothing; adding wrinkles, improving the shaders, and making the models better.  I also went through the procedural animation and made it look more natural.  In addition to tweaking values, I added limits to how much bones can rotate, and added some code to make certain start fast, and taper off slowly.  I also made the legs shift according to speed changes, so the character stops and starts more naturally.

testscreen-07_14_2013 _ 09_02_46

Also, most of the colors are customizable.  So you can change the color of the jacket, undershirt, and stripes.

testscreen-07_14_2013 _ 09_02_04

Most of the time, I use this invisible mannequin when making armor.

testscreen-07_14_2013 _ 09_05_23

And here’s a video showing all of this, as well as some boss battles:


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