Gary the ice golem


Hey everyone!

Everyone’s favorite ice golem, Gary, has finally gotten his own cavern!  Complete with glowing crystals, moving airflow, and a pit of death, this is sure to be the grave of many adventurers.  I just made it this afternoon, so there’s not much visual polish, but I’m happy with it so far.

testscreen-07_16_2013 _ 07_52_22

testscreen-07_16_2013 _ 07_53_42 testscreen-07_16_2013 _ 07_54_37 testscreen-07_16_2013 _ 07_56_22

Also, he has a new blast move.  I had to write special code for the hit detection (it divides a cone into sections, and tests those sections at different times to better follow the moving particles), and I’m pretty happy to have this in the game because lots of bosses could use this.

testscreen-07_16_2013 _ 07_57_24

With 13 moves, and a hyper-mode that he can enter when damaged, Gary is a pretty crazy challenge.


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