A mountain pass in a blizzard! (and more)


I’ve been experimenting with different ways to make mountains, and cover them with snow.  This isn’t really a survival game, but I’d like to have the option to either do some levels while there’s a blizzard, or camp out and have a night battle + the regular level with calm weather.

testscreen-07_26_2013 _ 11_36_30testscreen-07_26_2013 _ 11_34_30

Caves to warm up in!  And, a sci fi halberd.

testscreen-07_26_2013 _ 11_35_20

Because I like killing players:

testscreen-07_26_2013 _ 11_39_41

A new mining shaft, and some improvements to other areas:

testscreen-07_26_2013 _ 11_44_39 testscreen-07_26_2013 _ 11_44_55 testscreen-07_26_2013 _ 11_45_10 testscreen-07_26_2013 _ 11_48_24 testscreen-07_26_2013 _ 11_50_46 testscreen-07_26_2013 _ 11_51_09


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