Hey everyone!  Here’s a quick update on some of the stuff I’ve been working on.


I suck at GUI, but here’s what I have so far. I have an auto-widescreen thing going on, so if players have a resolution other than 16:9, it sizes the window to fit the screen, and fills in whatever is left (either above/below or to the sides) with black. It only does this for character creation – the regular gameplay is fullscreen.

All GUI elements are random placeholder textures, as I’ve only been working on this since yesterday. The numbers show what size the images would be in 1080p.

testscreen-09_13_2013 _ 11_00_52

The bars indicate stuff like strength, dexterity, magic, etc.


The Yetible (tutorial boss) has a new texture!  It’s not complete yet, but it looks a bit better than before.

I’m considering giving him more attacks, but he’s already going to destroy a lot of new players.

testscreen-09_13_2013 _ 08_53_55

Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 8.55.01 PM

Here’s the old texture:

testscreen-09_06_2013 _ 08_03_00

Not so good, haha.

And here’s an untextured Snow Golem, a new regular enemy that sprints toward you at full speed:



testscreen-09_13_2013 _ 09_23_08

The blue, green, and black colors are customizable by the player. The shader normalizes the color per pixel and applies that to the specular, giving everything a metallic look. I’m going for a really old-school sci fi feel here.

Here’s the (untextured) torso piece for that armor set:

Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 9.30.13 PM

I think I need to reduce the chest on it, but other than that, I should be ready to do the texture soon.  Also, the grey areas are going to be armored as well, so there’s a solid metal piece (blue part), and then more flexible armor underneath.

Have a good weekend!


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