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More menu stuff! Among other things, I added the Equip Burden and corresponding Character Speed stats.  Most of the time, you’ll want to balance your equipment weight to keep your speed very high. You can select different weapons with the help of generated stats. Ammo mods have been revamped, and are now read from a […]

Hey all! This is just first-draft stuff, and I need to make it look much better, but here’s the “Action Menu”, as I’m calling it. All buttons glow when you hold the mouse above them, and it detects whether you can dual-wield or not.  When you click a weapon or mod, it opens up another […]


Hey all, First off, here’s the improved intro screen!  It looks even better in motion.  The title glows at random times and adds a tint to everything. Two more soundtrack pieces: Main Menu: First Blizzard: Adding more elemental effects: Ice damage builds up “COLD”, which will freeze an enemy for a few seconds, […]

Hey everyone!  This is kinda a technical update.  The most time-consuming thing I’ve been working on has been the savefile / checkpoint system.  It’s not that hard, just very tedious. About to travel on the pipeline: An item box!  This is a very realistic game: Other improvements: Goal system that can activate monsters/items, switch music, […]