Update: Monster AI, weapon system, and much more!


Hey everyone!  This is kinda a technical update.  The most time-consuming thing I’ve been working on has been the savefile / checkpoint system.  It’s not that hard, just very tedious.

About to travel on the pipeline:

testscreen-10_05_2013 _ 01_46_48

An item box!  This is a very realistic game:

testscreen-10_05_2013 _ 01_48_08

Other improvements:

  • Goal system that can activate monsters/items, switch music, and be triggered by either getting items or killing all required monsters
  • Monsters have an “aggro” variable and can ignore you if you don’t bother them.  However, if another monster is aggro’d and passes near them, it will gradually increase their aggro.  Eventually, I’ll make the sound of nearby gunfire also increase their aggro.
  • Bosses can tell if you get them stuck or go somewhere they can’t reach you, and I make them go into hyper mode early and spam their worst ranged attacks >:D
  • Better procedural animation, characters look around more naturally
  • Improved the medium armor set, and created a new light set
  • Can set dropped weapons to only appear for certain classes
  • When picking up a weapon, it tries to dual wield first, and then tries to fill your other weapon slot, and if neither work, it goes into the inventory.  I’ll eventually make a separate button that always sends it to the inventory.
  • Can’t switch to an empty weapon slot if in tutorial (to prevent confusion)
  • Started modelling the DEATHSLINGER, a double-barreled automatic revolver.  Two of them will be hidden in the game, and require a bit of effort to obtain, but they’ll be well worth it.
  • Started on the dialogue system… that’s another time-consuming one
  • Item boxes!
  • Tremor system to shake camera when near explosions or large impact (boss attacks) is fixed!
  • Expanding levels
  • Made the blizzard level cold, and added warm areas such as caves, powered bridges, and a lookout tower with an area heater
  • Taking fire damage now warms you up

Better rain in the tutorial level:

testscreen-10_05_2013 _ 01_43_45

testscreen-10_05_2013 _ 01_43_03


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