Hey all,

First off, here’s the improved intro screen!  It looks even better in motion.  The title glows at random times and adds a tint to everything.

testscreen-10_22_2013 _ 11_54_07

testscreen-10_22_2013 _ 11_54_13

Two more soundtrack pieces:

Main Menu:  https://soundcloud.com/terrameliorrpg/terra-melior-main-menu-theme

First Blizzard:  https://soundcloud.com/terrameliorrpg/terra-melior-first-blizzard

  • Adding more elemental effects:
    • Ice damage builds up “COLD”, which will freeze an enemy for a few seconds, turning them blue and putting them into slow motion.  They also explode when they die, and can damage nearby monsters.  😀
    • Acid damage builds up “POISON”, which turns them green and damages them over time.
  • Major improvements to movement physics!
  • Started on a crystal forest.  Nothing too special yet, but the trees explode and do ice damage!  You can use them to slow down enemies.
  • Save file system with checkpoints.  It remembers the mission, equipment, what goals you’ve accomplished, and will spawn stuff accordingly.  It took A LOT of work, and was terribly boring :\
  • Better monsters, more monsters, more areas, more caves…
  • A new secret area!
  • About a million other small changes

Hoping to finish the playable alpha soon! 😀


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