Quick update on the inventory menu


Hey all!

This is just first-draft stuff, and I need to make it look much better, but here’s the “Action Menu”, as I’m calling it.

testscreen-10_27_2013 _ 03_53_44

All buttons glow when you hold the mouse above them, and it detects whether you can dual-wield or not.  When you click a weapon or mod, it opens up another menu to select it from the inventory:  (All text is processed in the GUI, so I can create whatever weapon mods I want, and it will display the damage correctly.)

testscreen-10_27_2013 _ 04_01_10testscreen-10_27_2013 _ 04_02_33

Eventually, I’ll have mods that change the accuracy, rate of fire, and such.

Also, if you freeze enemies with ice damage, they turn blue, move in slow motion, and explode when they die.  This is a great way to get rid of groups of weak enemies.

testscreen-10_27_2013 _ 03_54_10

I’ve still got a pretty long list of stuff to do before starting alpha testing…  Ah! :\  Hopefully, it’ll be done soon.  Having the Action Menu helps a lot.


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