Action Menu Update


More menu stuff!

Among other things, I added the Equip Burden and corresponding Character Speed stats.  Most of the time, you’ll want to balance your equipment weight to keep your speed very high.

testscreen-10_31_2013 _ 10_45_01

You can select different weapons with the help of generated stats.

testscreen-10_31_2013 _ 10_49_11

Ammo mods have been revamped, and are now read from a data file I can update.  This makes it easy for me to add more ammo types, and lets me add other effects like increased/decreased accuracy and shoot speed.

testscreen-10_31_2013 _ 10_49_45

Here’s the new armor menu:

testscreen-10_31_2013 _ 10_46_47

It lets you change your armor in-game!  Armor is pretty important, as it protects you a lot, but also increases your equip burden.

testscreen-10_31_2013 _ 10_47_16


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