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It needs a lot of work, but this is what I have so far.  Also included: the new Acid Demons. They have 5 attacks so far, and a pretty cool animated slime material.  I unwrapped the model in such a way that it spirals out from their mouth.  They’ll eventually have more attacks, but they’re […]

It’s still pretty rough, and only represents about 5 hours of work so far, but I’m still kinda excited. I forgot to mention stuff like using animation curves to lerp between nodes, and adjust the dragon’s height above the ground, but I’ll cover that after I finish the flight AI. Enjoy!!

I’ve been working on an acid level and a new boss arena lately, but they’re not very polished.  Pretty fun to play (there’s a new acid monster!!!  it’s got 5 moves so far), but it’s visuals that count for screenshots. Anyways, I’m trying to get a 1st draft of the entire game done ASAP (I […]

I just thought this was cool: Textures      732.0 mb     55.6% Meshes        22.5 mb     1.7% Animations    27.2 mb     2.1% Sounds        523.3 mb     39.8% Shaders       2.5 mb     0.2% Other Assets  1.9 mb     0.1% Levels        854.9 kb     0.1% Scripts       836.3 kb     0.1% Included DLLs 4.1 mb     0.3% File headers  […]

In my last post, I showed a preview of some new monsters that I drafted very quickly.  The idea was to get them into the game ASAP, and worry about making them look good later. Here’s a sped up video of me making one of those monsters.  This is about 4.5 hours of realtime compressed […]

So I got kinda tired of doing behind-the-scenes coding, and decided to do some creative stuff.  Specifically, making some crappy monsters. I hit record, and started modeling, without having much initial direction.  I figured it would work out better, as I could quickly start fighting them and adapt them for interesting gameplay without worrying about […]

Game Update


Hey all! I’ve been continuing to make improvements to the Action Menu (added animation, player attributes, and started on skill points), but for now, let’s talk about what I need to do in order to complete the playable alpha demo.  After this picture, because… pretty lights.  They shimmer and flash too!  😀 Everything intended for […]