Game Update


Hey all!

I’ve been continuing to make improvements to the Action Menu (added animation, player attributes, and started on skill points), but for now, let’s talk about what I need to do in order to complete the playable alpha demo.  After this picture, because… pretty lights.  They shimmer and flash too!  😀

testscreen-11_07_2013 _ 02_45_42

Everything intended for the demo is pretty much playable now, and it’s actually pretty long, but I feel like I’d get a lot of feedback for basic things that I’m already aware of, and working through.  I’m currently taking a break from writing code to make the inventory saved.  This way, you won’t lose your stuff when you change levels or load a checkpoint.

Here are my main concerns for the demo:

  • Without Unity PRO, it doesn’t look as good, and it runs slower.  (Static batching helps so much.)
  • My Mac crashes often due to running out of RAM.  I probably won’t be able to afford more until I get Kickstarter funding, so my lightmapping is going to be very restricted.
  • The game feels great to play once you know the controls, but the controls are kinda complicated and hard to teach.  I have the feeling that most players will be completely unaware of the combo system, which took me a while to program.
  • The data management for the branching dialogue is still giving me headaches.  I wish this part of the game was all about creativity, but it’s more like 10% writing and 90% accounting :\
  • Lots of little things to do

And here’s whats planned for the demo:

  • Tutorial level
  • Regular level (explore a mountain pass, complete with 2 small secret areas and 1 large one)
  • Boss arena

I originally had 3 classes to choose from, but after writing code to let the player switch armor, I decided to only have 1 class and let players decide their equipment.  I added some bonus attributes so that they can still use heavy armor if they want (although they will need to add points in strength when they level up!).

Hopefully I’ll have the first draft ready by this weekend, but it’s hard to say.  Wish me luck!!  😀


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