New modeling video coming soon!


So I got kinda tired of doing behind-the-scenes coding, and decided to do some creative stuff.  Specifically, making some crappy monsters.

I hit record, and started modeling, without having much initial direction.  I figured it would work out better, as I could quickly start fighting them and adapt them for interesting gameplay without worrying about details.  With my old monsters, I got too detailed early on, and wasted a lot of time.


A large ice monster.  After unmirroring it, I think I’ll add a huge arm on his right.  This guy might end up being a mini-boss, or even an early-game boss.


Torso of a cave monster.  It’s going to have that milky, pale-white skin that deep cave animals have.


This guy is probably going to be made of ice.  He’s meant to be a common monster like the Bullwargs, so I had to keep the poly count low.


After getting some more done on them, I’ll put together a sped-up video of it.  It will have tons of modeling in it, as well as programming, and effects design.  It should give everyone a better idea of what I have to do in order to make enemies.

Currently, only the last monster has animation and AI.  Animations: Idle, walk, melee combo, seeking ice spell.  Once I give him more attacks, I’ll enable the tactics AI for him.  He looks like crap now, but I think he’ll be a good addition to the bullwargs.

I’m still working on the demo, and will hopefully be done with it soon.  I’m also hoping to have these monsters in it, because getting some really early feedback on them would be great 😀


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