The making of a monster


In my last post, I showed a preview of some new monsters that I drafted very quickly.  The idea was to get them into the game ASAP, and worry about making them look good later.

Here’s a sped up video of me making one of those monsters.  This is about 4.5 hours of realtime compressed into 30 minutes:

This is an ice monster that will be appearing as a common enemy in the game.  Beforehand, I was using the Bullwargs as the only common enemy, and that’s just lame.

I haven’t decided on a name for them yet (other than BadMonster3), but here’s some info for them:

  • Toughness: Moderately tougher than Bullwargs
  • Size: Slightly larger than the player
  • Melee Attacks: Swipes and slashes with claws.  Claws can be expanded.  Might add spell sword attacks for high level versions.
  • Ranged Attacks: A seeking ice spell.  Not sure what other spells to add, but they’ll probably have a big variety of somewhat easy-to-avoid spells.  I’ll talk more about this idea in a later post, but my focus with common enemies like these is to make them easy to fight 1v1, but hard in groups.  They’re meant to fight in groups, or support larger monsters, and having a variety of attacks will make that much more challenging and dynamic.
  • Elemental Resistances: Strong against ice and acid.  Weak against physical, electric, and explosive.
  • CANNOT be:
    • Set on fire
    • Poisoned
  • CAN be:
    • Frozen
    • Suppressed (disables magic)
    • Electrified

Coming soon:

  • This sort of thing for a boss monster
  • Special effects for mixing elements.  So if you poison an enemy and then set them on fire, they have some sort of acid explosion
  • The alpha demo!

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