Reducing file size of demo


I just thought this was cool:

Textures      732.0 mb     55.6%
Meshes        22.5 mb     1.7%
Animations    27.2 mb     2.1%
Sounds        523.3 mb     39.8%
Shaders       2.5 mb     0.2%
Other Assets  1.9 mb     0.1%
Levels        854.9 kb     0.1%
Scripts       836.3 kb     0.1%
Included DLLs 4.1 mb     0.3%
File headers  376.5 kb     0.0%
Complete size 1315.4 mb     100.0%

This is part of a report on what assets are taking up the most file space.  It also gives me an ordered list of the largest files included in the build.  The best part is – this is AFTER compiling the game.  Thanks Unity! 😀

Some notes:

175 mb used for lightmaps (2 levels).  Unfortunately, I can’t do much about that without lowering the quality and making the shadows blurry.

216 mb used for music… that’s never actually played in the demo

The human animation takes up 15.8 mb… more than the rest combined!

Now, I can start making some cuts, so alpha testers won’t have to deal with such a large download.


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