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Hey all! Here’s a short video where I change armor colors in-game, and then play around with the skin shader. And here’s an update to the character creator, with animated sliders: Right now, I’m working on the interior of the spaceship you crash in.  I’m adding a ton of old-school sci fi stuff – so […]

Here’s a video of the character creation system! Supported features so far: Face shape Main hair type, with 3 different colors to set Hair addons (ponytails, extra strands…) Skin color and material settings like Subsurface Scattering Makeup Accessories with material settings, like FLAMING EARRINGS Upcoming features: More hairstyles Tattoos Different complexions Change weapons colors (you […]

I finally got around to updating this, and it was actually pretty fun!  I’m hoping to let players make very… unique characters.  Here are some characters that beta testers and I made: Here’s an album with more pictures: I also revamped the hair physics, and it looks much more natural now. Here’s a new […]

New features so far (about 2 days work): More slider settings (mostly for eyes) Hair addons (shown in image) with physics.  They’re added to the main hairstyle. Accessories.  Mostly jewelry so far, as that’s easy to make. Most accessories have multiple materials you can choose from.  You can have gold/silver/crystal earrings if you’re boring, or […]

It’s been a busy week!  I already covered a ton of stuff in recent videos, but here’s some more!  😀 The tutorial now starts with you in the crashed spaceship.  This way, I can teach basic controls before throwing monsters at the player. I also spent some time today updating the GUI.  Still needs tons […]

I made it so I can set surfaces to be either slippery, or semi-slippery.  That frosted-over metal pipeline in the demo… that’s going to be a little harder to manage now.  😛 I also updated a few of the animations (namely, some staggering/falling ones), and added a new idle animation for when the player is […]

NEW MONSTER! I haven’t come up with a name for this monster, but it’s meant to be a moderately challenging melee enemy.  It does mental damage, and has retractable blades.  I’ll probably make a magic caster version of it later on. This is a really rough draft version.  I just wanted to get him into […]