Video Update #9: New Monster!



I haven’t come up with a name for this monster, but it’s meant to be a moderately challenging melee enemy.  It does mental damage, and has retractable blades.  I’ll probably make a magic caster version of it later on.

This is a really rough draft version.  I just wanted to get him into the game ASAP and worry about making him look good later 😛

testscreen-12_02_2013 _ 01_34_55testscreen-12_02_2013 _ 01_34_23


  • Toughness: Pretty tough
  • Locations: Mostly surface levels and mountains. Sometimes found in ice caves.
  • Melee Attacks:
    • Slash with retractable claws
    • Uppercut
    • Smash ground for AOE explosion
  • Spells:
    • Floating charge attack, followed by a double-claw slash, gaining a shield while doing it
    • Heal self for 50% of max HP, gaining a shield while doing it
    • Go into “aggressive mode” by flexing biceps
  • Elemental Resistances: Strong against ice and mental.  Weak against acid.
  • Extra: Head can be exploded with headshots 😀
  • CANNOT be:
    • Frozen
  • CAN be:
    • Poisoned
    • Suppressed (disables magic)
    • Electrified

testscreen-12_02_2013 _ 01_34_48 testscreen-12_02_2013 _ 01_35_00 testscreen-12_02_2013 _ 01_36_18


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