Slippery surfaces, and an ice fish!


I made it so I can set surfaces to be either slippery, or semi-slippery.  That frosted-over metal pipeline in the demo… that’s going to be a little harder to manage now.  😛

I also updated a few of the animations (namely, some staggering/falling ones), and added a new idle animation for when the player is standing on slippery surfaces.

testscreen-12_05_2013 _ 02_41_59testscreen-12_05_2013 _ 02_42_11testscreen-12_05_2013 _ 02_43_23

After getting ice ponds to be slippery, I realized that there just neeeeded to be a fish chasing you in them.  So I made one, and recorded myself doing it.  😀  It’s kinda like the trap worms – not that hard, but creepy, and something you always need to keep in mind, especially when fighting other monsters.

It swims around randomly until it detects a target that’s also on ice.  It can detect when it hits a non-ice surface, and goes back to wandering.

Other things in the works:

  • Keyed death animations for the player (in addition to the current ragdoll deaths)
  • A new level combining mountains, caves, and an abandoned base – with “making of” video!
  • Improving the tutorial

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