Update: Character Creation


I finally got around to updating this, and it was actually pretty fun!  I’m hoping to let players make very… unique characters.  Here are some characters that beta testers and I made:

testscreen-12_13_2013 _ 04_43_14 testscreen-12_13_2013 _ 12_09_41 testscreen-12_13_2013 _ 12_14_00 testscreen-12_13_2013 _ 12_14_48testscreen-12_13_2013 _ 04_15_37 testscreen-12_13_2013 _ 04_33_52 testscreen-12_13_2013 _ 01_54_16

Here’s an album with more pictures:  http://imgur.com/a/HsVhu#0

I also revamped the hair physics, and it looks much more natural now.

Here’s a new underground mine level!  You follow a transport-thing (it’s just a cube for now) that has a spotlight on it.

testscreen-12_13_2013 _ 04_59_21 testscreen-12_13_2013 _ 04_59_55 testscreen-12_13_2013 _ 04_58_57


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