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Hey all! Here are some pretty pictures!  I started this level yesterday, and it needs work, but it’s a good way to show my new terrain techniques.  I’m trying to automate as much as possible. After I finalize the process, I’ll make a more detailed post showing what I’m doing. There are two different specular […]

First, I made a new video of the magic system! Here’s the demo: Let me know what ya think!  😀

This boss isn’t complete yet (no hands, no elbows…), but it’s my favorite so far.  It’s a giant magical ice robot with a hammer. Hammer attack! Shoot the knees to make him fall over (not implemented yet). Hammer “sweep” attack: The knees emit more shards the more you damage them. I also added a rocket-powered […]

The model for the boss is very rough – I’m just adding stuff and going for the basic shape before refining it and making it look good. BUT the “getting stepped on” part is working well 😀 I made a script to automatically put footsteps down (for all enemies, so you can see snow kick […]