Bosses can step on you now!



The model for the boss is very rough – I’m just adding stuff and going for the basic shape before refining it and making it look good.

BUT the “getting stepped on” part is working well 😀

I made a script to automatically put footsteps down (for all enemies, so you can see snow kick up when they walk), and I modified it to also create FootSmash objects.

Those FootSmash objects have an AOE attached to them that kills anything inside it for 0.25 seconds, and then turns itself into a collider.  This way, if you get stepped on, you die, but if you try to run into a foot, you can’t go through it.

The footstep script keeps track of the motion of the foot, and removes FootSmash objects when they aren’t needed anymore.  Anyways, this will help a lot with huge boss battles like the one I’m working on now.


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