“Titan” boss


This boss isn’t complete yet (no hands, no elbows…), but it’s my favorite so far.  It’s a giant magical ice robot with a hammer.

testscreen-01_17_2014 _ 09_04_05

Hammer attack!

testscreen-01_17_2014 _ 09_04_31

Shoot the knees to make him fall over (not implemented yet).

testscreen-01_17_2014 _ 09_04_54

Hammer “sweep” attack:

testscreen-01_17_2014 _ 09_06_14

The knees emit more shards the more you damage them.

testscreen-01_17_2014 _ 09_06_28

I also added a rocket-powered bow! 😀  It needs a ton of work, but it shoots, and you can hold the mouse button to charge up the rocket thrusters and make your arrow travel faster and do more damage.

testscreen-01_17_2014 _ 09_18_00

Aaaand I made an “electric stepper” spell that follows the ground.  I’m looking forward to using similar line effects on other spells.

testscreen-01_17_2014 _ 09_25_51


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