How I made Snow and Mountains look good


Hey everyone!

Today, I’m going to show you how I made this scene:

Final _ After

Click the images to zoom in!

e1 _ Diffuse e2 _ Fog and flare e3 _ Bump e4 _ Spec e5 _ Spec changes if snow

This step changes both the specular brightness, and the sharpness.  Rocks have sharp lighting (otherwise the entire mountain would get brighter, and look like plastic), and snow has wide specular lighting so that it gets blown out.

e6 _ Filter A

Here’s where I take that plastic-like snow and make it sparkle!

e7 _ Filter B

This is so that more snow sparkles.  This filter is more concentrated, and doesn’t add much lighting.  Just little sparkles.

e8 _ Lerp filters

This is so snow on distant mountains gets blown out, while still having a few sparkles and not being as blown out as before.

e9 _ Particles

It looks so much better in action!

e10 _ Pro FX

Now that looks like a great place to be eaten by a huge monster!  😀

I don’t have Unity PRO yet, so I just simulated those effects using GIMP.  It just makes the scene pop out more.

And now for a before-after comparison!

Before and After

Thanks for checking it out, and have a great week!

Here’s a sneak preview at a new level I started making yesterday.  It’s a mineral-extracting plant in an underground bog.  Most of the structures don’t have textures yet.  I’m going for a Myst/Riven vibe with it, but creepier, and with horrible monsters.  There are no handrails, and you reallllly don’t want to fall into the bog.  😀

The green splashes are from extractor-thingers that punch into the slime at regular intervals, and the red light is from a rotating eye-ball spotlight.

testscreen-02_03_2014 _ 03_09_58 testscreen-02_03_2014 _ 03_11_53


One Response to “How I made Snow and Mountains look good”

  1. 1 Lisaaaaaaaaaaa

    Beautiful Snowscapes! Diggin the sparkles! n the fog!

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