Wading through snow, and other stuff


Hey everyone!

Here’s the stuff I’ve been working on lately:

  • Wade through snow!
  • Better snow shader that turns blue in shadows
  • More armor sets
  • Tweaking enemies so that regular encounters feel more crisp and challenging
  • Blood splatters!

And some screenshots of the new snow system!  The terrain has a “snow depth” map.  The little egg-like things are just test objects for churned-up snow.  I wrote a script that fakes projectile motion for them using the terrain normal vector.  So it doesn’t slow down the game nearly as much.

Anyways, I’ll eventually make a bunch of small snow clumps to replace them with.

testscreen-02_23_2014 _ 03_43_35 testscreen-02_23_2014 _ 03_43_42 testscreen-02_23_2014 _ 03_43_47 testscreen-02_23_2014 _ 03_44_06 testscreen-02_23_2014 _ 03_44_23 testscreen-02_23_2014 _ 03_45_05


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