Making an ogre unicorn!






Hey everyone!

I’ve been experimenting with new ways of making monsters quicker, and with higher quality textures.  Here’s an ogre unicorn I started this weekend.  I used the skin modifier to create the basic shape, and then sculpted after that.

He’s probably going to be a recurring mini-boss, and use a combination of melee attacks and a few spells.  He has two weak spots – one in his mouth and another in the small of his back.

Here’s how I start the texture version.  It’s a little different than the in-game version, so don’t worry about the inefficient use of polygons.


After adding tons of polygons (up to 180,000), and painting a normal texture on some areas.  My PC is way too slow to paint the actual normals on like most 3D artists do… unfortunately :\


Adding two more normal textures to the entire body.


Throwing a rock texture on.  Looks HORRIBLE.


A grass texture set to “lighten only” brightens it up.  I also added veins.


Another texture creates some raised regions, and acts as a stencil so the veins aren’t drawn on it.


Improving the raised areas.


Tweaking settings, adding some red blotches, and adding basic specular lighting that’s mapped so rocky regions receive more of it.


Eventually, I’ll bake the texture, specular, and normal maps down onto the low poly version that will be used in game.  That way, it should look almost as detailed, but not slow down the game with 180,000 polygons.

I’m hoping to use this as my new way of making textures and normals for monsters.  It’s much quicker and more enjoyable than painting everything, and I don’t lose all my work when I change the model.  And if I DO wanted to paint on stuff, I can always add that as a layer too.



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