5-19-14: Log of today’s updates


Hey everyone!

Here’s a new level.  It’s got terrain sections separated by indoor base sections.  I’ve been using it for everything lately.

testscreen-05_19_2014 _ 05_20_09

Here are some changes I made today.  I’ll probably work on the game later tonight but I have some stuff to do first.  Anyways, this is what I did this morning and afternoon:

  • PLAYER:  Added physics to one of the glamor hairstyles.  It’s even more glamorous now.  The shadows are looking weird though, so I’ll have to check that out later.
  • Some adjustments to hair physics system.  Added randomization, and automatic “flex” computing if bones aren’t specified.  Saves some time adding physics to hairstyles, although it’s always going to be kinda time-consuming.
  • MAJOR CHANGE:  Instead of a complicated set of rapid fire spells, each element has a rapid fire that lets you run at the same time.  I’m using the same process I used for the rocket bow, so the character will turn their spine to shoot in the right direction.
  • I also made a new animation for that
  • Small explosion effects at your hand when you shoot a spell.  Right now I just have a flame one.
  • MONSTER UPDATE:  Improved Ghost Archers.  Adjusted their magic arrows, and added a trail.  They’re very challenging now, and you’ll definitely want to take them out first in battles.  I may give them more attacks, but there are so many multi-purpose enemies already that having one-purpose ones like them actually helps make player strategies more useful.
  • MONSTER UPDATE:  Improved Acid Demons.  They still kinda suck though. :\
  • Impact effects (like little ground explosions for attacks that hit the ground) used to be placed at the same height as the enemy.  Now they raytrace to find the ground, and rotate to the ground angle.
  • Fixed projectile trail problem where the trails wouldn’t fade away upon hitting an object
  • Changed button mapping so all combos use RMB.  LMB is just used too often while running and changing direction.  This should cut down on accidental spell casts.
  • Tweaked spell settings to make them more effective.  For the most part, I worked with their hit detection areas, and increased their speeds.  It was just too hard to hit moving targets before.
  • Updated grab system so it works with new animation system
  • Fixed error where the AI procedure “Move to tactical point and resume attacking” didn’t work for ranged monsters
  • Fixed action movement, and made it transition smoothly out.  It used to just ignore movement inputs until it was done, and then SUDDENLY let you walk.
  • Fixed action camera rotation.  I can now set each action up with starting and ending rotation speeds.
  • Updated animation detection code… not sure how to describe it, but it’s the part where I check what animations are playing on several layers, and check for transitions.  It lets me wait until the character has fully raised their arm before firing a rapid fire spell.  Other spells don’t need this as they have different timing systems.
  • Level design
  • Lots more assorted code changes

So many technical details in an animation-heavy game with complicated controls like this.

Over the weekend, I worked on the Snow Golem.  He’s still kinda rough, but has a better texture, and a cool 3-hit combo with animation-controlled movement and tracking.  It makes it so you have to dodge every hit.

I’ve been recording a lot of my progress, and will probably make it into a short video series.


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