Revamping Character Movement


Hey all!

First off, here’s a video showing a glitch I created while doing all this 😛

That’s fixed now, haha.

Anyways, beforehand, I had a Mass Effect-style movement scheme, with the camera staying behind the character’s shoulder most of the time.  This was cool, but had some disadvantages:

  • Not a cover-based game like Mass Effect, so many of the benefits were lost
  • Not great for dodging.  Backstep dodge looked stupid.
  • Character looked silly when strafing or walking backwards without shooting (why wouldn’t they just face that direction and run?)
  • Didn’t see front of character armor / face / hair very often

So I replaced it with a better system, where the character uses the old way for shooting (ie. will strafe/walk backwards to keep facing forward), but otherwise will face the direction they’re moving and run.  I also changed dodging to be the same way, with the exception of side rolls, according to the angle.

I had to change quite a lot behind the scenes for this to work (especially the procedural animation), but it’s much smoother than the old system.  And it really plays into the frantic battle style I’m going for.


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