New boss monster, revamped character movement, and more weapons!



Well, I finally got the new movement system working… sort of.  The procedural animation is disabled until I convert it, and there are a few other things that don’t work yet.  But you can move around and dodge!

I also added all weapons.  It’s hard to see, but she has an assault rifle, laser halberd, and electric sword on her back, a compact bow on her right leg, and dual machine pistols in her hands.

testscreen-08_08_2014 _ 05_33_35 _ edit

I made it so the laser halberd can retract when not in use.  Still gotta redo that laser part though – it needs to have outlines and a better texture.  I’m just happy to have all weapons visible 😀

Here’s a new boss I made.  Meet… THE GOBBLER:

Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 3.26.02 PMScreen shot 2014-08-08 at 3.26.39 PM  testscreen-08_08_2014 _ 03_25_31 _ edit testscreen-08_08_2014 _ 03_25_14 _ edit testscreen-08_08_2014 _ 03_24_49 _ edit

Should be a pretty crazy boss battle 😛

Anyways, have a great weekend!!


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