Hey all!

I’ve been very busy with other stuff, but I’m still working on the game when I have time.  Here are some of the changes:

  • I upgraded to Unity5!
  • I made a new PBR shader for the mountains.  It adds snow and ice automatically, and used modified Triplanar texturing for the rocks.  The basic idea is that I can make whatever mountains and cliffs I want, and it’ll texture it automatically.
  • I’m rearranging the world, and making it more concise.  Areas are smaller, but more striking and unique.
  • I have a TON of combat changes, but I’m still implementing them, and need to experiment.  A big part is tightening up the animations, and speeding up the overall combat.

The basic idea is that I want the entire game to be more definitive.  The areas should all have their own unique feel and look, and the combat should be a frantic nightmare requiring both reflexes and fast tactical decisions.

I’m adding more contrast in the gameplay.  The animations were too… blah.  If you needed to dodge after an action (almost always!), EVERY action felt sluggish transitioning to a dodge.  The animations blended well, so it looked good, but it was frustrating to play.  Even playing in slow motion, I took plenty of hits I didn’t deserve, and it felt like my reaction time was completely going to waste.

To fix this, I’m making the player’s combat options more of a decision, rather than everything being a bit unresponsive.  Powerful moves should require more commitment (ie. you REALLY don’t want to do them if you’re about to be hit), and regular moves much easier to fit in between enemy attacks (provided you have the reaction time to dodge your way out!)

I’m also having a hard time letting the player hit enemies with melee attacks.  If the melee attacks don’t move her forward fast enough, she can’t close in on enemies well.  When they DO move her, she slides past them on her 2nd swing and misses.  I can’t fix the sliding as it’s part of how the physics work, but I’m thinking of slowing her down while attacking if there’s an enemy ahead of her.  It’ll take a lot of experimentation to get it to feel right.


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