Hey all!

I finally finished the new trailer!!

After doing the recording for the trailer, I started work on an old favorite boss – GARY the Ice Golem.


It’s funny how amazing I thought his animations were.  So now I’m going through each one and adding weight to them.  I’ll also update the model.

I also figured since he’s got the whole “ninja tank” thing going, he’d be the perfect candidate to create the AutoDodge system for.  Basically, any enemy that has it enabled can make logical guesses when to dodge, and choose a semi-random direction (as long as it’s to the side or backwards) to dodge.

This allows for more interesting gameplay, as enemies won’t always charge directly at you.

I got about half of this to work today.  It doesn’t combo yet though.  Also, I made a combo system.

The combos break up the gameplay nicely.  They make the game harder because enemies can follow up and hit you when you’re trying to counterattack, and easier because sometimes they string a few extra moves on after you’ve already dodged away.  That part actually looks really cool, and makes the enemies seem more impulsive and enraged, rather than cold and calculated.

Along with the horde behavior, this should make the enemies more interesting, and more challenging.

Anyways, that’s it for now.  Thanks for checking it out!


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