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Hey everyone! I’ve been working through some major game changes lately, and I finally have a few weapons working.  I’m SO glad I revamped the combat… even at this unpolished stage, it feels so much smoother. The melee combat was very clunky before, but the “Baller Swag Sword” (heh) is my favorite weapon now.  It […]

Hey! Well, I finally got the new movement system working… sort of.  The procedural animation is disabled until I convert it, and there are a few other things that don’t work yet.  But you can move around and dodge! I also added all weapons.  It’s hard to see, but she has an assault rifle, laser […]

Hey everyone! Here’s a new level.  It’s got terrain sections separated by indoor base sections.  I’ve been using it for everything lately. Here are some changes I made today.  I’ll probably work on the game later tonight but I have some stuff to do first.  Anyways, this is what I did this morning and afternoon: […]

First, I made a new video of the magic system! Here’s the demo: Let me know what ya think!  😀

This boss isn’t complete yet (no hands, no elbows…), but it’s my favorite so far.  It’s a giant magical ice robot with a hammer. Hammer attack! Shoot the knees to make him fall over (not implemented yet). Hammer “sweep” attack: The knees emit more shards the more you damage them. I also added a rocket-powered […]

Hello everyone, I am a big fan of surveys, and I’d like to share the results from our most recent one. Huge thanks to /r/RPG_Gamers, /r/SampleSize, and /r/GameDev’s Screenshot Saturday thread for all the great responses. First off, we had a few questions we wanted the survey to answer: What percentage of gamers like our […]

So, we fixed a bunch of stuff, and the video is much better now!