. Overview / Press Info .

TERRA MELIOR is a heartwarming sci fi fairytale about an evil witch who saves the galaxy from a mummy uprising so she can destroy it herself.

It’s silly, and set up in a linear, somewhat “arcadey” way. It’s basically just a bunch of cool fights. Some are challenging (especially the boss battles), and others are easy and fun.

Not sure how many enemies will be in the final game, but there are 12 regular enemies and 9 bosses at “beta quality” now, and more on the way!

I’m a full-time college student, and not pursuing a career in gaming, but it’s been an amazing experience making this game. I hope you will enjoy it when it’s done!

Here’s what the hair physics look like:

The game will be released on Windows and Mac. It uses Rewired for controller support.



Gameplay: 3rd person action focusing on melee combat.

Platforms: PC and Mac

Intended Audience: This game is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES. Combat is intense and ruthless, and there is CONSTANT, UNNECESSARY BLOOD and GORE.

Release Date: Estimated 2016, but I’m a full-time student, so…

Price: TBD

Play Modes: Single player only


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  1. I’m glad to found your dev blog. Your posts are all inspiring! 😀

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