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Hey all! Good news. Mammoths. Here’s a video: I finally figured out how to add colliders to their legs and tusks that also push the player away. So the player can finally run underneath bosses! It’s a little jerky right now though. The green areas are the rigidbody colliders. They have to be very tall […]

Hey! Well, I finally got the new movement system working… sort of.  The procedural animation is disabled until I convert it, and there are a few other things that don’t work yet.  But you can move around and dodge! I also added all weapons.  It’s hard to see, but she has an assault rifle, laser […]

First, I made a new video of the magic system! Here’s the demo: Let me know what ya think!  😀

This boss isn’t complete yet (no hands, no elbows…), but it’s my favorite so far.  It’s a giant magical ice robot with a hammer. Hammer attack! Shoot the knees to make him fall over (not implemented yet). Hammer “sweep” attack: The knees emit more shards the more you damage them. I also added a rocket-powered […]

The model for the boss is very rough – I’m just adding stuff and going for the basic shape before refining it and making it look good. BUT the “getting stepped on” part is working well 😀 I made a script to automatically put footsteps down (for all enemies, so you can see snow kick […]

Here’s a video of the character creation system! Supported features so far: Face shape Main hair type, with 3 different colors to set Hair addons (ponytails, extra strands…) Skin color and material settings like Subsurface Scattering Makeup Accessories with material settings, like FLAMING EARRINGS Upcoming features: More hairstyles Tattoos Different complexions Change weapons colors (you […]

New features so far (about 2 days work): More slider settings (mostly for eyes) Hair addons (shown in image) with physics.  They’re added to the main hairstyle. Accessories.  Mostly jewelry so far, as that’s easy to make. Most accessories have multiple materials you can choose from.  You can have gold/silver/crystal earrings if you’re boring, or […]