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Hey! Well, I finally got the new movement system working… sort of.  The procedural animation is disabled until I convert it, and there are a few other things that don’t work yet.  But you can move around and dodge! I also added all weapons.  It’s hard to see, but she has an assault rifle, laser […]

This boss isn’t complete yet (no hands, no elbows…), but it’s my favorite so far.  It’s a giant magical ice robot with a hammer. Hammer attack! Shoot the knees to make him fall over (not implemented yet). Hammer “sweep” attack: The knees emit more shards the more you damage them. I also added a rocket-powered […]

Here’s a video of the character creation system! Supported features so far: Face shape Main hair type, with 3 different colors to set Hair addons (ponytails, extra strands…) Skin color and material settings like Subsurface Scattering Makeup Accessories with material settings, like FLAMING EARRINGS Upcoming features: More hairstyles Tattoos Different complexions Change weapons colors (you […]

Terra Melior is an old-school sci fi RPG with a focus on artistic graphics, and a chilling story.  The adventure takes place on Terra Melior, a harsh planet of ice and snow that unprepared colonists are sent to after fleeing earth.  Gameplay will be in the old-school RPG style, but also include rock climbing sections […]