Animation Updates and More!


Hey everyone!

I’ve been really busy lately with work and studying for career exams, but I’ve also been working on a few areas of the game.  I started on an update video, but that always takes me a long time, so I’ll just write about stuff for now and make a video when I have more to show.

Recently, I’ve started overhauling the animation code.  It was ok before, but the controls didn’t feel tight enough for such a difficult and (hopefully!) skill-based game.  There were lots of annoying problems like having to wait until a roll was 100% complete before clicking to shoot again.  With my old system, these problems were surprisingly tough to fix without causing more problems, but my new system is working well so far.  Right now, I’m going through different actions and getting them to work with the new system.

Oddly enough, all the dodges work except the backstep when going straight backwards.  It works when going back and left/right, but not straight back.  It’s probably a simple thing to fix, but when you’re programming controls and animation with lots of different weapons and button combos, there are a million things that come up like this.

I also improved some of the animations themselves, and added a special sprint animation.  Before, I was just using a sped-up jog animation, and it looked weird.

Anyways, gotta get back to work, but I’ll leave you with some messy 1950’s glamour hair.  Notice the little frizz spots 😀  There are 3 different colors that you can choose when creating your character – main, highlight, and dye.  You can also set the intensity of the dye and transparency of the frizz.

testscreen-04_11_2014 _ 10_27_25

testscreen-04_11_2014 _ 10_27_17


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